Hi everyone!

I recently saw AntMan in theaters and thought this week’s TT could be related to that.

So here goes!

If you could, would you rather be able to make yourself smaller or bigger? (You can always return to your normal size.)


On a side note, here’s a reminder about my upcoming release of ILLUSION at Moon Palace Books on September 15th, 2015 from 5p-6p. There will be snacks and I’ll be reading from the book. I hope you can come! Less than 4 weeks away!


  1. Oz V

    Bigger, by about 2 feet. Strength would increase proportionally ) for me, about 33%). Would allow me to play two years as a pro basketball player, (I would be 7″8″”) at league mininmum ($525,00). Then I could stop working at Culvers!! And I could reach the top shelves at Pick and Save a lot easier!!!!

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