It was a very good friend of mine’s birthday this week (happy birthday!!) and it got me thinking about this week’s Theoretical Thursday.

If you could choose right now, but never again in your life, would you choose to be immortal?? CONDITIONS: You can die, but only if you decide to end your own life (it would involve a ritual where you would have to have your full body for use). You cannot die if maimed or in multiple pieces. You CAN be put back together, as in your body will heal itself back together, but will not regrow lost limbs, etc.



  1. mom

    no. i really don’t mind having a finite time to do what i need to do. when my job is over, i’m gone. and that brings me peace of mind. until then, i’ll keep at it. so far, it’s been a great ride.

    1. It’s been interesting to see people’s thoughts on this. Some find their life is what they get and that gives meaning. Others feel like they want more time to explore everything they can and then they will move on. And still some just want to live forever. Thanks for your thoughts!

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