Happy Thursday everyone!

As I approach the release of ILLUSION in less than 2 weeks (OMGOSH YAY!!!) I thought I would do a Theoretical Thursday related to it.

My main character, Daith, has had her memories stolen from her. But she finds out she has some amazing psionic abilities that could help her in finding them–or bring retribution to those that took them.

So my TT is this:

If you could, would you want the ability to access any of your memories and see them fully? The one catch, whenever you access one, your brain will automatically access another at random. So you may want to remember something wonderful–a birth, a wedding, a first kiss, but the next memory could be something you’ve wanted to forget. Or it could be something great like your second kiss. Or something mundane like that time you once ate a bagel while waiting to be picked up by your brother and realizing you forgot your phone at a friend’s house and you need it because your brother is taking you to record a video of him proposing to his girlfriend and then you look over and see you ACTUALLY have it so nothing really is wrong. Or something to that effect. 🙂

So would you?


  1. OZ V

    I’d take the chance. I’ve never really held a lot of memories, and accessing some, even at risk of a random memory being upsetting or negative is ok. Besides, the random one might be one that I would find amazing!

  2. mom

    since i am a self-realization junkie, i’d definitely go for it. no matter what the memory might be, i’d be able to learn something about myself and any awareness could only help me evolve more quickly into being the best me i can be.

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