Mistakes. We’ve all made them. Some where you wish you could take it back that instant, others where you don’t really how bad you messed up until much, much later.

Made a mistake today that was based on hearing someone wrong. Oops!!

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

Would you rather a) have the power to change a mistake from your past or b) have the power to take back a mistake in your future?


  1. I think you made a mistake in your third sentence. I would definitely choose option B. I would plot and plan for that one spectacular “mistake.” I’d make it so stupendous that the universe would quake at the mere hint of my catastrophe. Then I’d take it back. Ha ha, joke’s on causality.

  2. mom

    this may be the toughest one yet. if there are no mistakes, like there are no coincidences, there’s never anything to take back, only opportunities for learning. on the other hand, there’s one action from my past that i truly wish i could do over, and do it differently. so, i’ll go with that.

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