Re-release of Children of the Gods #2, UPRISING Today!!


Hey all!

Many of you know I am a big supporter or other authors, especially when I enjoy their books!

Well I’m happy to announce that author (and friend) Jessica Therrien is re-releasing her YA fantasy series, Children of the Gods. She was previously published through Zova Books, but for her third book, Redemption (out Nov 2nd), she has gone solo! This means that the first two books are now on sale, re-released with new covers, so everyone can catch up before #3 comes out!! (I already own the first two and am excited for this next one!)

So if you are looking for YA fantasy, with some touches of romance, check out Jessica’s books: OPPRESSION and UPRISING (out today!) HERE.

And stay tuned for her newest book, REDEMPTION, coming next month!

Congrats Jessica!! I wish you all the best!!


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