2015–my blog year in review!


Hey everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

I thought it might be fun to recap a little bit about my blog from 2015. The good people at WordPress put together a lovely package, letting me know fun stats about my posts. Here are some of the highlights:


Top 3 posts:

#3) An insightful look at the difference between WRITER and AUTHOR. Want to know? Check out the post here: WADING THROUGH “WRITER” VS. “AUTHOR” MUCK

#2) The good ol’ debate about cat vs. dog. My #2 spot goes to one of my Theoretical Thursday posts, asking if you had to choose, would you rather live as a cat or dog? Check it out here: THEORETICAL THURSDAY: CAT V. DOG

#1) Another Theoretical Thursday post!! I guess a lot of people wanted to talk about which emotion they wanted control over… check out the post here: THEORETICAL THURSDAY: WHICH EMOTION WOULD YOU CONTROL?


Here are some cool stats about my blog:

~~ My blog had views from over 95 countries! The biggest group of views came from the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

~~My blog was seen 3,900 times! This is almost 1.5x how many people viewed my blog from the year before. Here’s hoping that number will grow!

~~Oddly enough the busiest day of the year was February 24th. Seems sort of random to me. 🙂



I’m excited to bring you all sorts of fun, new things this year, including:

–Upcoming news about my next novel, IDENTITY, out this fall from Buzz & Roar Publishing! You’ll get inside access to all the ongoings of the breath-holding conclusion to Daith’s story!

A fun poll where YOU get to help me pick the cover for IDENTITY, coming this spring!

–The two concluding segments from “A LOOK AT A BOOK”: Publishing a Book and Marketing a Book

–Updates about my next comic book issue, #5, in the Hollow’s Prism comic book series! Only two issues remain before the story of Thenn and the tinnybots concludes!

–My weekly Theoretical Thursday posts! What sorts of questions will I ask this year??

–And more!

Stay tuned, subscribe to the blog if you haven’t yet, and thanks for being a part of my 2015. Can’t wait to see you for 2016!!


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