Played a game this week where a mysterious stranger showed up and we didn’t know if he was good or bad. Made me think about how many times in life we wonder about the people around us and what is their intent. Are they going to rob us? Could they be a great friend? A love? An idiot?

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you HAD to choose, which of the following abilities would you take: a) the ability to sense if someone has good or ill-intent toward yourself OR b) the ability to sense if someone has good or ill-intent toward 5 people in your life? Disclaimer: You have to be within 5 feet of this person if  you choose option A or if you choose option B, both people have to be present.


  1. After some reflection, more than I thought it would require, I would have to go with b). I was really leaning towards a), but decided I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had made that kind of choice. The benefit extends to more people when I chose b). God knows best.

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