An AMAZING #review of ILLUSION from Joe Hinojosa


I’m so happy to share with you this wonderful review of ILLUSION I received from reviewer Joe Hinojosa. There aren’t “spoilers”, per say, but he does talk a lot about the plot, so be forewarned.

It’s such an amazing feeling to know that people are enjoying my book. It’s all I ever wanted–that the same feeling I get when I read a great story is a feeling I can give to others.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“As as sit here writing this, is occurs to me that Illusion is one of the better books I’ve reviewed. I read until I could no longer stay awake, and finished it as soon as I could.”

“Christa succeeded in creating an interesting story, one that I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to read. It’s definitely one of my new favorites!”

So without further ado, here it is!

Joe Hinojosa’s review of ILLUSION


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