Taking a break from life. Vacation. Meditation. Becoming a vegetable.

Destressing and letting your brain melt is a wonderful way to recharge. Finishing up my edits, I’ve thought about how I want to take a break for a while. So that got me thinking about my Theoretical Thursday.

Here it is!

If you could take a break in one of these three environments, which would you pick?

a) Fantastical forest

b) Cloudy cliffs

c) Wild waterfalls

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  1. mom

    fantastical forests. just that picture is so soothing to me, so, i don’t know, so me. yeah, and i live in the desert. go figger! but my vacations are to places w/ trees, which i enjoy immensely. they do refresh, de-stress, and re-ignite those vital parts of me that sometimes get lost.

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