Many people in my life right now are traveling or will be soon. Travel is different for everyone. Some like the ride/drive/plane ride, some like exploring new cities, some like finding remote locations, and some just like to sit and relax, taking in the different environment.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

When traveling on Earth (no tricks with going to the moon or something lol!!) , would you rather a) remove the time it takes to get somewhere (as in instant transportation before, during, and after your trip) or b) be able to have your time double without losing “real” time? (meaning if you planned your trip for a week, you’d have two weeks to do what you want, but it would only last a week in reality.)

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


PS-COMING SOON! The cover reveal for my next book, IDENTITY. Plus I’ll be heading to MiniCon 51 the weekend of the 25th. Details to come and I hope to see you there!!