Today is my birthday and I’m sooooo excited to share with you the cover of my next book, the sequel to Illusion:


You all voted for the cover I should have, red or blue. And I can tell you, the results were EXTREMELY close! Over 200 cast their votes between my website and FB. I listened to all the feedback, made some tweaks with my illustrator (Conrad Teves) and am proud to show you the final result.

IDENTITY will be out this fall (2016) from Buzz & Roar Publishing.



Daith Tocc has discovered some incredible things about herself: she is smart, charming, and has psionic powers that allow her to sense emotions, melt physical objects, even heal or injure with a thought. The problem is, she doesn’t have any memory of who she used to be.

Regardless, Daith has made a decision about how to move forward with her life. But someone from her past knows the truth about her—a truth that could shatter her decision—and unleash the hidden depths of her powers on the Eomix Galaxy.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!!

PS–If you haven’t checked it out yet, book 1, ILLUSION, is on sale now on Amazon. Click HERE to read it today!



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