Featured monthly on The Oak Wheel!

I’m so excited to be featured monthly on Jeff Martin’s blog, The Oak Wheel. Jeff’s blog contains “Poetry, short stories, essays, articles, and more from various authors.” My contributions will be two-fold.

Every 3rd Monday I will answer writing questions from any aspiring writers out there. Simply message me on twitter @cyelkoth or email me at cyelkoth@gmail.com. I will choose up to 3 questions a month. (I’ll only attach your first name to the question asked.) So if you are an inspiring writer (or know one) and have a question about writing, editing, manuscript preparation, dealing with agents/publishers, marketing, or sales, please message me! My first post is scheduled for MAY 16th. 2016.

ALSO, I will now be posting book reviews. Book reviews will be posted on The Oak Wheel website on Saturdays. (There will be other reviewers available.) So if you have a book out that you’d like to have HONESTLY reviewed, please email myself at cyelkoth@gmail.com or message me on twitter @cyelkoth. ((I am only interested in reviewing science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels. Elements of romance are allowed, but cannot be the main focus. No horror or erotica, please.)) I will choose books first come, first serve, but only if interested. Ebook or paperback format are acceptable.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you all! And I promise, it will not impact my writing. 🙂


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