IDENTITY now on pre-sale! #mspcc2016


This past weekend I attended MSP Comicon and it was a blast!! SOOO great to see many old friends and to meet many great new people.

One of the best things (for me professionally) that happened was we did a “trial run” to see how sales of my next book, IDENTITY, would fare. And I’m really REALLY happy to report that sales went so well we can offer pre-orders online! Yup, you can now order the conclusion to Daith Tocc’s story from ILLUSION! (You can order HERE.)


This means we can put the print version out at the same time as the ebook when released this fall! SOOOOOO amazing to know the support that’s out there to finish this story arc.

Here’s a quick summary of IDENTITY:

Daith Tocc has discovered some incredible things about herself: she is smart, charming, and has psionic powers that allow her to sense emotions, melt physical objects, even heal or injure with a thought. The problem is, she doesn’t have any memory of who she used to be.

Regardless, Daith has made a decision about how to move forward with her life. But someone from her past knows the truth about her—a truth that could shatter her decision—and unleash the hidden depths of her powers on the Eomix Galaxy.

To finish everything off, I thought I’d share some pics from the convention, including me in my TMNT pajamas!!

Enjoy!! Thanks again for your support and I can’t wait to hear what you think of IDENTITY!!

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  1. Anonymous

    the pix are fabulous, and you look (as i knew you would) ADORABLE in those jammies!!! so glad to hear it went well. put me down for 2 pre-orders. glenda will be so jazzed to hear! she can’t wait!

    so cute to see the little kids all dressed up. hope i’ll be able to make it one of these years! it just looks so fun!

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