Animals in the ocean have adapted many ways to survive–whether it’s sharp teeth and speed, camouflage, or power in groups. A lot of these techniques would be extremely useful on land.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could choose a trait for defense/offense only, which would you choose: a) the ability to instantly become stronger, faster, and have sharper teeth and nails, b) the ability to blend into your environment so you are essentially “invisible” or c) be able to create multiple of yourself (up to 20) to overpower or confuse your opponent?

This does not mean you can use these abilities at any time, only when in fight-type situations.



  1. I don’t necessarily consider myself a pacifist, although I was a Conscientious Objector in my youth, but I agree with Mom. I’d choose B; basic martial arts theory is the best defense is to never get into a fight in the first place.

  2. mom

    being essentially a pacifist, i’d choose the option of becoming invisible/blending. i think that would be really cool, lots of fun, and a non-violent way to get out of sticky situations.

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