People have been designing and building structures for thousands of years. Physics, art, and time all go into the process. As for myself, I was never a Lego kid. I never felt the urge, maybe because I couldn’t make what was in my head come to life, but I’ve always found it fascinating.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could have the knowledge and skills to build ONE building, would you choose a) a home for yourself (or someone else), b) a building (whether for the arts, for business, etc.), or c) a structure  (such as a bridge, a sculpture, an arena, etc.)?


  1. I would have to go with b). The first thing that came to mind was to build a mosque; nothing too grandiose, just average sized and simple in design — inside and out. The completion of this dream would be that I’m the Imaam (religious leader) of this community and, although small and humble, we are a close knit group of people with simple faith and a desire to do good for as many people as we can.

    May Allaah make it so!

  2. mom

    my very own log cabin. i used to dream about splitting the logs and everything, building one from scratch. not one of those big mansion-looking ones, just a simple 2-room, with a fireplace, on a lake in the woods. my ideal home.

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