My books are now AMAZON Bestsellers!!







Okay… I could not ask for a better week… Seriously… All this hard work… Yesterday my debut novel, ILLUSION, became an Amazon Bestseller… 4 days ago my new novel, IDENTITY, was released… and guess what… IDENTITY HIT BESTSELLER STATUS ON AMAZON TODAY!!

I just can’t believe it. Both of my books are now Amazon Bestsellers. THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased the books or shared about the books or recommended the books or supported me. HOLY FREAKING AWESOME!!

Here are the links to my books if you want to check them out:

As thanks, I’m giving away 2 (two) $5.00 Amazon Gift cards! Just like, comment, and/or share and you’ll be entered to win! If you share, your name will be entered twice! Drawing closes this Sunday, October 16th.

Thanks again everyone!!


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