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Straight forward Theoretical Thursday post!

If you HAD to be one or the other, which would you be, a) a vampire or b) a werewolf? 


If you are a vampire: You must drink human blood at least once a day to survive, equivalent to 5 liters. Things that will harm you: Sunlight, decapitation. Bonuses: Super strength (2x-3x your normal strength), immortality (though you can always choose to die if you want), ability to transform into a bat and fly.

If you are a werewolf: You can only transform on the night before, during, and after the full moon. You will keep your sense of self during that time.  Things that will harm you: anything silver. You are also not immortal and will only live until your human life is over. Bonuses: Super strength (2x-3x your normal strength), increased sense of smell and hearing while in human form, ability to run 2x as fast when in wolf form.