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I promise this post will not talk about the election directly. Everyone has their opinions and we shall just keep it like that.

What I did notice was that a lot of people seemed unhappy about things in this past election.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you had ONE of these powers, which would you choose: a) being able to make politicians always speak the truth, or b) being able to see the outcome of whoever might be elected (this does not mean you can predict the outcome, but you can share your knowledge with others).


  1. Politics, as in everyday life, requires a little white lie on occassion. This done at times to protect the sensibilities of others. But in politics, lies undermine the validity of a persons credibility, and this becomes a character flaw and causes distrust. It is especially distressing if the lie was created to benifit a person in wealth or power.

  2. I posted on FB, but I”ll post here, too. Being able to make them always speak the truth. I’d just be happy with a truthful politician (That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one!). They get asked a question, they answer truthfully, and not in political-ese. An answer everyone can understand.

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