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There’s a beautiful painting on my wall. I wonder what it would be like to stroll around in it. So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

Which of the above classic paintings would you rather spend a day in:  a) Water Lily Pond Symphony In Rose by Claude Monet, b) Old Sarum by John Constable or c) The Eel Gatherers by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot?


  1. mom

    loving flowers, the water lilies is intriguing, but being in that forest looks so lovely (but talk about mosquitos!) still, been missing green, and i’ve always loved the forest better than the water, so i’d have to go with the third one. but, eels . . . those i can do without. ugh!!!

  2. Ophelia Penot

    The first picture seems like a mesquito haven. The second one is nice, but the third would be my choice due to it’s mystical qualities. Also, the third reminds me of places I like to “haunt” in our area.

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