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It is the middle of winter. Whether you are someplace snowy, chilly, rainy, or cool, there is something about snuggling under something warm that is inviting.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you HAD to choose to have one kind of fur (as in growing out of your skin like hair, but it would shed in the warmer times of the year), which animal would you choose? Will you go for softness or warmth? Will you go for color or length?

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  1. mom

    tough one, my dear. my first thought was wolf because of someone who was once dear to me, but then i thought of my spirit mammal, which is buffalo, and that is what i’d choose. my parents were the children of immigrants, but they raised their kids to be strictly american, and, to me, buffalo represents the spirit of the u.s. buffalo has survived the attempt at ritual extermination that so many of us around the world are fighting against, and it’s fur was used for clothing as well as shelter, while its meat provided sustenance to another group who has survived an attempt at extermination. i can think of no more noble fur. (whew! didn’t see that coming!)

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