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I want this Theoretical Thursday to be about curing illness because suffering sucks and sometimes it’s nice to believe that one day we will figure out ways to suffer less.

[For the purposes of this post, I am putting any emotionally symptomatic issues under HEART.]

So here it is:

If you had the power to cure one type of illness, would you choose a) the BODY (i.e. cancer, fibromyalgia), b) the MIND (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia), or c) the HEART (i.e. depression, anxiety)


  1. mom

    if i can only choose one, i’d choose the heart. emotional trauma is unseen, often unknown until it smacks the crapola out of you, and takes time, patience, and determination to even get to the point of being able to acknowledge it let alone be able to manage it! i don’t know that it can ever be ‘cured’, which really sucks.

  2. Peter

    Talk about giving tough choices. I,ve seen so much suffering in any of them. Suffering of the body has always had some projected hope for a cure. The other two deal with the mind, and others can’t comprehend the amount of suffering you are dealing with. This can lead the heartless to make fun of you or take advantage of you. I would combine choice B and C for an immediate cure. I can,t seperate them without feeling heartless. Christa–give us poor ” lazy brains” choices like; “who do you like better: Hitler, Stalin or a cute puppy!

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