Cover Reveal and Special Deal!! May 2-7

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to bring you some fantastic news.

The first is that my new science fiction thriller from the Eomix Galaxy Books collection, COILED VENGEANCE, is coming along splendidly and is set for release this fall (2017)!

The second is that I officially have a cover for COILED VENGEANCE and this is the big reveal! I freakin LOVE this cover and am so happy with it. Here it is:

Coiled Vengenace Cover

(cover art by Alesha Escobar)

The third piece of news is that I currently have a HUGE sale going on for ILLUSION. I want to bring readers into the Eomix Galaxy and get everyone ready for when COILED VENGEANCE comes out.

So ILLUSION is on sale right now through May 7th. Ebook is just $0.99 (marked down from $3.99). This is available in the US and the UK. ALSO paperback copies are on sale for just $10 (normally $14.95) and they will be signed!! Just use the promo code 10DOLLARS at checkout!

So feel free to get a copy for yourself, gift it to someone else, or let people know about the sale!

Thanks everyone and enjoy reading!!

–Christa Yelich-Koth


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Signed Paperback (Promo code: 10DOLLARS)



  1. Anonymous

    this is so great, christa! congrats to you, big time! the cover looks fantastic, and i hope your sale brings more readers to delight in your exciting galaxy. good luck!!!

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