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The idea of being able to talk to animals is such an awesome concept.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could have an animal companion that you could communicate with, which animal would you choose?

Bonus: If you could choose a mythological creature (one that already exists in books or movies, not one that you just make up), which creature would you choose?


  1. Leon Trot

    I would like to communicate with otters to learn how they make every adventure look like fun. As for a supposebly mystical beast, I,d go with the Chubacabra. People who live where they haunt say that if you capture one and prepare it correctly, you then have a real tasty meal for guests

  2. Anonymous

    black panther – i’ve always been fascinated by their color and gait. and witches need a cat!

    if mythological, i’d have to go with unicorn. they’re so beautiful!

    striking contrast, now that i think of it. hits both my light and dark sides, i guess.

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