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The countdown to the reveal date of COILED VENGEANCE continues!

For this week’s Theoretical Thursday, I’m going to tap into TWO characters from the book: Lilfor and Hunsmat.

These two characters are mind-linked, which means since they were young children, they could see each other’s memories. (Not read their thoughts or emotions, that is different.)

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you had to choose one person from your childhood (10 years or younger) to be mind-linked to (they also had to be 10 years or younger) that is NOT a relative, who would you choose?



  1. The name that comes to mind is Bennett Solberg. We were friends, of a sort, and he was a decent kid. We reconnected a few years back and have kind of rekindled our friendship. I remember him crying when he got his first B in junior high.

  2. Anonymous

    joey tobias. i had a crush on him in 5th grade, then he drowned. he was from the southside ‘hood’ and i’m sure his life experience was far different from mine. still, he drowned trying to save the life of a friend, who was bigger and older than him, so i know that even at such a young age, he kept some fierce loyalty within him, a quality i admire.

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