Coiled Vengenace Cover

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. I miss posting Theoretical Thursdays, too!

Due to medical reasons, I have been instructed by my doctor to limit my computer usage until the pain has receded and the injury has fully healed. Because of this, I’ve had to postpone final edits and publication of Coiled Vengeance.

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It is with sadness I write those words. I’ve been so excited to bring you this new story.

My new goal is a Spring 2018 publication of the book. I’ll of course keep you updated.

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On the plus side, I will have some great news for you next month concerning ILLUSION and my comics, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through this. I can’t wait to get better so I can start bringing you more books you’ll love!




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