The writer’s split.

Can’t tell you how frustrating it is as a writer to have your audience want something in your book one way, and the other half the opposite.

Case in point: My first book, ILLUSION, starts with a scene with Daith Tocc, the main character. It’s an action scene where she gets kidnapped from college. The next time we meet her, she has no memories and we learn about her as we go along.

When I beta-tested my book, about 50% said they LOVED the kidnapping chapter and 50% said they would have preferred I just started with her memory loss.


I opted to keep the action-packed chapter. I think it’s an exciting way to begin the book and you get a little peek at what Daith was like before her memories are gone.

Just got a review that really enjoyed my book, but wished I would have started with the no memory scene.

Double sigh.

I know I can’t please everyone all the time, but this one really sucks!!

And still I’ll continue to choose what I believe are the best ways to tell my stories. At least I’ll make 50% happy. 😊

Any other creative types out there have this kind of issue?