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Did you ever have a job where you hated having to enforce its rules? I certainly have.

This reminded me of one of the characters in my new book, The Jade Castle. Miss Porter is a social services agent responsible for determining the safety of children in homes. She’s the case worker for the main character of my book, Bekk, who’s older brother is now his guardian, since their parents death a year prior. Of course they aren’t a fan of Miss Porter, since she has the power to split the brothers up, but it’s part of her job.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could pick any job where the person who is being ‘judged’ has to switch with the person DOING the job for that specific instance, what occupation would you pick? (Side note, no one can hurt the other one. This isn’t for revenge, it’s to facilitate understanding of what they are going through.)

This was a tough one for me. I think with all the issues involving police, I would choose that profession.

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  1. Rex

    From what I,ve been told, everyone should be a cop for a few days, just to see how your required snap judgment is disected by others who have hours to evaluate the situration. I personally would like to be a benevolent KING, who could pass judgment on my immediate subordinates for how they treated their subordinates. There would be no cruelty in my kingdom!!!

  2. mom

    my first thought was either race or sex, but those aren’t ‘jobs’ per se. still, i think it would be great if everyone could walk in another’s shoes for a mile.

    same goes for rich and poor.

    addictions counselor who hasn’t been an addict. final answer.

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