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Cloning is a fascinating, and easily explainable, process.

Take an egg from a fertile subject and remove the nucleus. (The nucleus holds the genetic material to determine what we look like, etc. Our DNA.)

Then take a a body cell from a different host, remove it’s nucleus, and implant it into the egg. Shock time!

Now you have an egg with this new DNA inside it, which will divide normally, and it will grow naturally.

Done and done.

In the sci-fi world, cloning has been more apt to seem like a copy of a person, usually an adult version, immediately. (Hence a bunch of Homer Simpsons!)

For MY Theoretical Thursday, I want you to think of the idea of making a second copy of yourself, with all your traits, feelings, etc. Imagine you can split yourself into two people.

So my TT is: If you had a second version of yourself for one year, where you could join back up with them at the end and share their memories and experiences, what would you have your “clone” do? (Remember, this is still YOU. If you don’t like to do all the chores, they won’t either! 🙂 )

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  1. mom

    it depends on money and health. if my clone were healthier and had enough money, i’d send it to rome to see the sistine chapel, a dream that i’ll probably never fulfill. i would love to hear about it from myself, and would consider it a dream come true.

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