THEORETICAL THURSDAY!! #animalsidekick

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Hello everyone!

For this week’s Theoretical Thursday, I thought I’d do something fun.

If you could choose any REAL animal to be your sidekick in life, what animal would you choose? This means you could communicate with it as well!

BONUS: If you could choose any IMAGINARY/MYTHOLOGICAL creature to be your sidekick, what would you pick?


  1. mom

    for a real animal, i’d choose . . . horse. have always loved riding, haven’t been able to do enough of it in my life, and horses have the softest noses.

    for an imaginary animal, pegasus. not only could i ride, but fly. wowser, what a treat. plus, both are large enough to be protectors, could cart me around (in a cute cart) – at my age, i’ve gotta think of these things! lol!!!

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