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Morning all!

I thought I’d do a Star Wars related Theoretical Thursday today. (For those of you who don’t follow Star Wars, you can still play along. I’ll do my best to explain this for you.)

In Star Wars, the Jedi (or proclaimed protectors of the galaxy) use a specific weapon called lightsabers.

These lightsabers are sword-like, with a colorful glow to them, and can be used to cut through most things from steel to their opponents.

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The colors of the lightsabers can range from blue to green to red, etc. This is determined by the color of crystal inserted into the handle of the lightsaber, and therefore its energy source. In the movies, not much has been said about what these colors mean. But in the extended Star Wars universe, a few theories have been put out.

I’m going to put together what I’ve discovered (and what makes the most sense to me) for the 5 major lightsaber colors. These are based on the type of fighting style and personality of the wielder.

Blue: Used mostly for defensive fighting

Green: Balanced between defense and attack

Yellow: Used by sentinels or scouts, so those who are more covert and precise with their actions

Purple: Used for attack; the most aggressive style of fighting

Red: Artificially created for the most power–used mostly by the Sith (those who follow the path of the dark side.)

So my Theoretical Thursday is this: If you could own a lightsaber, which do you think would represent yourself the most?


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