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I think we’ve all had some type of addiction, whether a type of food, spending money, drinking or smoking, coffee, type of relationship, etc.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you had the power to stop any one of your addictions (like you could still enjoy something, but not be addicted to it), what would it be?

BONUS QUESTION: If you could stop one addiction across the globe, what would it be?

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  1. mom

    i’ve stopped most of mine, but am struggling with sugar right now, so to be able to enjoy the occasional donut would be grand.

    across the globe, i think sex addiction is the one i’d like to see stopped. it wreaks absolute havoc with the lives of men, women, boys, girls, babies, families, relationships, respect and boundaries. i see it as the worst of the worst. from what i’ve learned, some aspects of it cannot be stopped/cured. it’s the ultimate addiction in seeking power and control over another.

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