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There are so many historical moments where we wonder ‘what actually happened?’

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could choose any three (3) moments in history to go view (but not change or interact with), which three would you choose?


  1. mom


    1) – i’d love to see joan of arc lead the troops. she is my hero, taking that kind of leadership, rallying people to follow her, and to fight and be willing to die for what she believed in. i’d just love to feel those vibes.

    2) – jesus demolishing the money grubbers in the temple. again, such strong belief in what he was doing, that he was right, the others were wrong, and they deserved to be given a very impactful message about it.

    3) – rosa parks sitting on the bus. what a courageous woman, an inspiration for an entire civil rights movement that should never have had to happen in the first place. a woman of conviction, second to none.

    bonus – any freedom fighters and their underground movement against tyranny/oppression. so much bravery and strength. just want to absorb it all in.

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