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Usually people either like to cook or don’t, so my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could have one of the following related to cooking, which would you choose: a) to magically have any ingredient you are missing for a recipe, b) have the baking/cooking time always be one minute, or c) have all the dishes from that meal be magically cleaned?

Can’t wait to hear what you choose!


  1. jason

    Clean dishes, if you are missing something you can always substitute , go without, or just make something different. Cooking is fun so spending some time doing it is rewarding. Doing dishes is always a pain ,especially if you are using lots of pots and pans to cook.

  2. mom

    i’d like to have all the cooking utensils and dishes magically cleaned. i strongly believe the cook should not also have to do dishes.

    as for the other 2, i’d either make do without the ingredient or change to a different recipe, and cooking time is part of the cooking process for me – i like the anticipation and guesswork involved in figuring out if something is done or not. it’s a challenge.

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