THEORETICAL THURSDAY!! #naturaldisasters

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Always scary, natural disasters are part of many people’s lives.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could always withstand one of these types extreme situations without any negative side effects, which would you choose: a) earthquake/tsunami, b) volcanic eruption, c) hurricane, or d) tornado?


  1. mom

    because of where i now live, i’ve gotta go with earthquake/tsunami. it’s being said that a gigantic earthquake is due any day, everyone’s ready for it, but i live above the tsunami level, so i’m all good with that.

    i’ve been thru several earhtquakes, and the fact that not even the earth beneath my feet was stable was the scariest part. it’s quite a feeling, tho, but i wouldn’t mind skipping any down the road.

  2. Jason Brazier

    E. Waterspout ! Otherwise Volcano. Lava bombs , ash clouds, magma, rivers of fire flowing everywhere plus when it starts to cool you can actually take shovel of cooling lava and make stone sculptures out of it. My relatives did it in Hawaii back in the 80s. Though you cant take it off the the island, it’s bad luck.

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