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Not sure how many of you have ever seen Mary Poppins, but she does some crazy cool magical stuff!

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could do one of the following magical things for a day, which would you pick? a) snap your fingers and clean anywhere, b) pop into a chalk drawing and have it be real, or c) float around by using an umbrella?


  1. mom

    this is one of the easiest you’ve ever had, christa. snap of the fingers and things get cleaned up? nothing else is even close!

    mary poppins was one of my childhood favorites – read all 4 books over and over, saw the movie several times, and watched ‘saving mr. banks’ which was absolutely wonderful. it was the whole story of how disney persuaded p.l. travers to let him put her stories on the screen. i recommend it to anyone who is a fan of ‘mary poppins’ the movie.

  2. ClaireAnn

    OMG the cleaning!! Flying is not appealing to be, and the chalk drawing thing has so much less applicability to my needs. I suck at cleaning, though. Magical cleaning would be great.

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