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Most of us would love to have excess money, whether to buy that new washer and dryer, fix the roof on our house, or take a fantastic vacation. But what if you could only give away your excess money?

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you had to give away your excess money in one of the following ways, which would you choose: a) pay for other people’s food/drinks/meals, b) pay for other people’s clothing, or c) pay for other people’s education?


  1. Jason Pape

    I would make sure to use any excess money to purchase additional aquariums and nutrient substrate to augment my slime farm so that that money would no longer qualify as ‘excess.’ It’s important to invest in oneself.

    And in future slime cities.

  2. such a difficult decision. education came to mind first, but having firsthand experience with a poverty culture, i know that some of the fundamentals, such as food and clothing are needed before education could even be a reality. i’d have to go with food.

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