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“With a haunting cover […] Spider’s Truth is an exciting, creepy, gory, and ridiculously compelling read.“–5 stars–Jennifer Jackson, Indies Today

“Spider’s Truth by Christa Yelich-Koth is a compelling psychological thriller with a strong appeal to readers who enjoy dark novels and stories featuring serial killers…The author has done an impeccable job in painting an anti-hero that readers will detest while matching it with the struggles of a detective determined to stop the evil…Christa Yelich-Koth’s novel is very imaginative and the plot features many twists. I loved how the author deals with the criminal mind of the killer and his elaborate plan to execute revenge.” –-5-stars from Jose Cornelio for Readers’ Favorite

A character-driven, psychological, detective conspiracy novel.

Some people can’t let go of a grudge. Homicide Detective Sean Trann is learning this the hard way. He made the mistake of interrupting the killing spree of Boston’s most notorious serial killer, Spider. Intent on finishing what he started and infuriated at Sean’s previous involvement, Spider has decided to use those closest to Sean as pieces in his twisted game.

Sean is the only one who can stop this executioner, but can he stay professional when his loved ones are on the line?

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Book 2 in the Detective Trann series

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Detective Sean Trann hates trials. They are his least favorite part of putting a criminal behind bars. But he’s looking forward to the trial of the serial killer they’d named “Spider.”

However, once the testimonies begin, the witnesses’ cryptic words start to wreak havoc in Sean’s life. Without knowing who to trust, how can he keep himself, and those he cares about, from Spider’s extensive influence?

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Book 3 in the Detective Trann series

Trials are supposed to be the last step for a criminal. Cops catch them, the law books them. But every police officer knows, that’s not always the case.

Detective Sean Trann couldn’t wait to put the Spider murders behind him. The strain of the trial brought some of the people in his life closer together, others now at each other’s throats. Time should heal all wounds, but not when someone close to Sean holds a secret–a secret about Spider.

To navigate the treacherous road between friend and foe, Sean must rely on all his inner strength to keep himself sane. But once the secret is revealed, it may break him, no matter how strong he thinks he is. . .

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COMING March 2022

Book 4 in the Detective Trann series

Detective Sean Trann believed that no matter the case, he could always depend on his team. But the Spider murders have taken a turn that no one saw coming. Because of this, those around Sean have changed completely.

One has given up.
One lives in denial.
One has been lost.
One remains in hiding.
And one has betrayed them all.

A secret about the Spider killer has been revealed, but Sean is the only one who knows about it. With his team scattered and broken, who can he turn to with this damning knowledge?

Or should he reveal the secret at all?

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