I am veering out into the world of Detective Fiction! This genre is not something I ever thought I’d be interested in writing, but hey, when a story comes along and the character needs to be a Boston detective, then that’s the story that needs to be written.

Working on my first novel “Spider’s Truth”  in this genre. I will keep you updated as things progress!

Christa Yelich-Koth


“Spider’s Truth”

Some people can’t let go of a grudge. Homicide Detective Sean Trann is learning this the hard way. He made the mistake of interrupting the killing spree of Boston’s most notorious serial killer, Spider. Intent on finishing what he started and infuriated at Sean’s previous involvement, Spider has decided to use those closest to Sean as pieces in his twisted game.

Sean is the only one who can stop this executioner, but can he stay professional when his loved ones are on the line?