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Quickie Edits Book

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I highly recommend grabbing a copy of my Quickie Edits book before you submit to me as an editor. I will most likely mention the subjects that come up in the book and it will save you a round of edits to work through those edits beforehand.

You can check out a copy at any retailer. Amazon link is HERE

My goal as an editor is to help enhance the beauty of your voice/style while working through anything that bogs the story down. I want you to feel uplifted as a writer and encouraged to make changes to tell your story the best way possible.

I offer three types of editing:

A) Assessment: For anyone looking for general feedback about their ms. Your book will be read and you will be given notes about any major issues with plot, character development, continuity, etc., plus a breakdown of major copyediting issues, if any. Great if you want professional advice about the state of your story or if you just want someone to make sure nothing has been missed.

Price: $250 for < 40,000 words, $300 for 40,000-90,000 words, $375 for 90,000-120,000 words, $450 for 120,000+ words. Turnaround time is 5-7 days.

BEST VALUE!* (This service is currently unavailable)

B) In-depth editing: For newer writers or books that need extra help. (Length of time varies depending on complexity and word count and your schedule availability. General breakdown sample of 12-week period listed below.)

INCLUDES 1) an assessment, 2) one round of edits, 3) a SECOND round of edits, 4) a final read through

This is a personal editing process designed around your book where I walk you through each chapter, suggesting areas which need improvement and enhancing areas that work. You will learn about writing rules, how to elevate and flesh out your writing, what your style of writing is, and ways to improve the writing, structure, flow, development, grammar, and punctuation. This is a personalized experience with one-on-one help and teaching. Excellent for writers who don’t have time to go to multiple classes/workshops and want to quickly move their books along. This constitutes an assessment plus 2 FULL ROUNDS of edits plus a final read through.

Price varies: Flat fee of $4,200. (Payment plan available.) Additional $20 per every 1,000 words above 100,000 words.

*Save when compared to an Assessment + 2 rounds of edits + final read-through. Example: 85,000 word book would be $4200 with package compared to $4750 individually. 110,000 word book would be $4400 with package compared to $6075.

Package includes the following:

1) A basic rundown/assessment of your book, noting areas to improve, and putting comments directly into your ms. The book will be broken down into sections for you to work through. (This would take about 1 week.)

2) After that, you would work on a section a week, sending back what changes you’ve done. This will include an hour-long phone call or online chat  to talk about the comments made or discuss suggestions and make sure you are on the right track.  (This takes about 3-5 weeks.)

3) Further and more detailed comments on the work you’ve sent will get your ms more fine-tuned. (This takes the remaining 3-5 weeks.) Weekly phone calls will continue to make sure you understand everything and to answer any questions you might have.

4) Final read-through, checking for any additional changes or errors. (5-7 days)

C) For a single in-depth developmental edit: This includes a breakdown of areas that need clarity, more or less developments of characters or plot, and suggestions of ways to fix issues. I will also provide explanations, examples, and suggestions so you can learn to apply these techniques throughout your book (and to future books) and understand why the edits are there.

Price is $25 per 1,000 words. Turnaround time is 3-6 weeks per edit, depending on the length and complexity of the book.

To request a quote, please send the title, word count, genre, and first 5 pages (double-spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, Word Document) to You will get a free edit of those pages and after a determination of the level of editing you need and if both parties decide to work together, an invoice is sent. Payment is half up front to reserve your calendar space, half when the project is complete. I accept PayPal or credit.

Christa Yelich-Koth edited my last three books, and now I can’t imagine publishing one without her extensive input. She’s thorough, meticulous, and gives both a substantive edit (addressing larger questions of story, character development and theme) and a fantastic line/copyedit.

Seriously, Christa has broken me of bad writing habits I didn’t even know I had! She has a remarkable memory for detail, catching embarrassing discrepancies that had eluded numerous other readers. As a writer herself (and passionate reader), she’s deeply familiar with the genre conventions expected in fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and others, which I think is critical when polishing a manuscript.

I’ve paid professional editors large sums of money and gotten a fraction of the feedback Christa delivers. Don’t expect coddling: if there’s a problem, she’ll tell you immediately (and that’s why we need readers besides mom and significant other, right?). So if you’re not afraid to wade into the trenches and get dirty making your draft about ten times better, Christa is exactly who you want on your side, redlining “that” and “was” and reminding you that when someone is being smothered with a pillow, the killer can’t really look into his eyes as he dies….“–Kat Ross, bestselling author of the Fourth Element series

“Not only is Christa Yelich-Koth an amazing author who knows how to knit together an incredible story, create enchanting worlds, and lovable characters, but she has a unique ability to see layers deeper into other writers’ work.

Her edits are far more than simple grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Christa’s talents lie in restructuring the bones of a novel. From character motivation and backstories to plot holes and lackluster writing, Christa will definitely bring your book up a few levels. 

My best-selling YA series, Children of the Gods, wouldn’t be the same without her!”-Jessica Therrien, B&N bestselling author

“Christa is a meticulous content editor. Not only does she catch the more obvious plot holes, Christa searches out the small things that with a slight twist can turn up the volume on your manuscript and make it shine.

I would loathe to publish any of my novels before Christa worked her magic on my sentences.”Holly Kammier, Amazon Bestselling author of Kingston Court

“Working with Christa is a pure joy. Her eye for detail and honesty about what’s working and what isn’t working in my manuscripts always helps me to elevate my books to a higher level. She never fails to meet a deadline, communicates regularly with her clients, and has a great sense of humor (much needed to reduce a writer’s stress!).

She’s not just an editor but a partner, who cares as much about the stories as the author does.”Joshua David Bellin, author of the Ecosystem series


My book was a mess and I didn’t even know it. Thanks to Christa, she put my story on track and kept the tone where it needed to be. She has a great eye for catching mistakes and remembers what you said 4-5 chapters back.  She’s also a very friendly person to work with. There were times I thought I must be the worse author on the planet Earth. She held my hand through those moments.I am forever grateful to Christa. When I write my other books I will use her services again😀Devan Crable. Not published as of yet.(May 2020)