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These are my graphic novels/comic books currently available. All are published by Green-Eyed Unicorn Comics.

Check below for information about each book! HOLLOW is a graphic novel. HOLLOW’S PRISM is the comic book follow-up series, complete at 6 issues.

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Published 2012

Which would you choose: Free Will or Happiness?

“Easy to read and entertaining dystopian fiction, with some original ideas in the storytelling. It’s a survival story with a lot of doubts and questioning from the main characters, and very little hope. I especially enjoyed the backgrounds and colouring of the art work….”–5-star review ComicVine

HOLLOW is a full-length graphic novel where War of the World meets The Matrix. It is a science fiction noir story that uses traditional line art enhanced with digital toning.

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“HOLLOW” summary:

Noz awakes with blood on his hands. He has just murdered a spy who disclosed the location of his rebel encampment. It won’t be long before the aliens that conquered his planet find his team. But as he heads back, he is conflicted. Is he doing his world a favor by restoring their memories? What good is free will if you use it to destroy yourself and those around you? Under the memory-alterations of the aliens, Noz’s people are happy, productive, and ignorant.  Are they better off that way?

Noz must decide. And he’s running out of time.

Posted below are pencil, full art, and close-up of panel three from page 17, where Noz, confused by his memory modification, is running through the streets of his city from his pursuers.  (Images can be clicked on to be enlarged.)

Posted below is page 2, in which Noz is awaking from a nightmare into a reality just as terrifying.

(Image can be clicked on to be enlarged.)

HOLLOW’S PRISM: Issue #1: “Aftermath”


Published 2013


“In this case though […] the plot is not [generic], and even realizes one of the better accolades in terms of my reading, which can be summed up easily as “I wish that I had thought of that!” ” –Graphic Policy Review

Left to die… alone. Or so I thought…

Thenn has spent 5 years fighting the tyrannical Chears, only to be mutinied by the crew she trusted, and left for dead on a trash-dump of a planet. Without food or water, Thenn has no hope to survive, and knows she will die—forgotten and alone.

But she is not as alone as she believes…

Pages from HollowsPrism


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HOLLOW’S PRISM Issue #2: “Reunion”

Published 2014


“Hollow’s Prism is a sci-fi story about a conquering robotic race and one girl’s rebellion. The [first] issue found her stranded and clinging for life, this time around we get more of a ragtag crew collection feel. Thenn’s special suit continues to amaze and will surely be a key to big things in the future.” –IGN review

An unexpected detour…

Salia and her brother have fled their homeworld, which has been claimed by the invading Chears. They are on their way to a new world—one untouched by Chear control.

But a news broadcast about a group of rebels reveals someone from Salia’s past–someone she’s never met, but who changed everything.

Will Salia finally meet the woman who saved her life?

HPrism2001 (1)

*Page from Hollow’s Prism no.2 “REUNION”

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HOLLOW’S PRISM Issue #3: “Alliance”

Published 2015


“This is SO my luck…”

Thenn lost her home planet of Thor Haz to an invading Chears army.

She was left to die by her crew on a deserted planet.

Rescued by two teenagers running for their lives, Thenn thought she’d found a place to live her life in safety.

But an unlikely alliance will change everything…

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HOLLOW’S PRISM Issue #4: “Trigger”

Published 2015


Betrayal is not an easy thing to forgive…
Thenn has done what was necessary to stop the memory-erasing Chears.
She has learned to fight.
Abandoned her home.
Befriended tiny mechanical tinnybots to survive.
Even allied with the enemy.
But the final information needed comes from a source Thenn could never have imagined.
Will she be able to let go of her anger? Or will this be the one wild card that finally breaks her?
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HOLLOW’S PRISM Issue #5: “Revelations”

Published 2016
HP05 small Cover

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes…

Thenn and her team have been trying to find a way to defeat the Chears.

They’ve allied with the enemy. They’ve worked with a traitor.

They’ve even stolen Chear technology to determine a weakness.

But something the best weapons come from within…

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HOLLOW’S PRISM Issue #6: “Fusion: (final issue of the series)

Published 2016


All things come to an end.


For Thenn, everything is about to change…

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  1. Debby

    Never thought i’de find myself wanting to read a graphic novel but you drew me in with: “Noz’s people are happy, productive, and ignorant. Are they better off that way?” Hmmm! Then the: “Noz must decide. And he’s running out of time”, kind of made my stomach hurt a little : )

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