Land of Iyah trilogy

Amazon Australia Bestseller

Ranked #1 in the U.S. for Teen & Young Adult Fantasy & Supernatural Mysteries, #1 in Spain for Fantasy books in English, #1 in Canada in Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy, and #2 in France for Epic Fantasy.

Bekk cannot seem to stay awake. As a sophomore in high school, it doesn’t bode well for his education, or the social services agent breathing down his older brother—and guardian’s—neck.

But Bekk can’t help it. He’s being plagued by dreams—dreams from his childhood, about a land called Iyah.

If he doesn’t snap out of it soon, he’ll be taken away from the only family he has left. But when the school psychologist insists it’s a childhood reaction to the trauma of his parent’s death, Bekk’s only recourse is to figure out the meaning of his dreams, before it’s too late.

Book 2 in the Land of Iyah trilogy

Amazon U.S. and U.K. Bestseller

Ashlee doesn’t feel sane. Just about to start the eleventh grade, she feels like her life is coming apart at the seams. A dream leads her to believe someone close to her needs her help—but that’s impossible! And how can a dream be real?

With the help of her friends, Ashlee must learn to trust in the unbelievable, to prove not only that she’s not insane, but that her worth lies beyond her own concept of reality

Book 3 in the Land of Iyah trilogy.

Amazon U.S. Bestseller

Everyone has been scattered. What started as dreams has become so much more. Those closest to Bekk must discover the secrets to their dreams before irreparable damage occurs to their world.

But time is running out…for everyone involved…