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Continuing on with my superhero Theoretical Thursdays, up next we have Wonder Woman!

If you could choose one of the following of her superpowers, which would you choose:

a) Lasso of truth (which when around someone forces them to tell the truth)

b) Faster healing ability

c) Speaking every language known to human, alien, and animal


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For my third Superhero Theoretical Thursday, let’s look at Spiderman!

Which of the following of his abilities would you want: a) Spidey-Sense (the ability to sense trouble near you), b) super reflexes/ balance, or c) wall-crawling?

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Our next Superhero Theoretical Thursday!!

Up next is Batman!

Out of all the cool gadgets and gizmos Batman has, which would you want the most: a) bat cave, b) batmobile, or c) his personal armor suit?

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