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The reveal date of COILED VENGEANCE comes ever closer!!

This week’s Theoretical Thursday has to do with the character Coresque.

Coresque can do something which she calls “Dream-Access” where she can enter someone’s dream to send them a message.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could use a “Dream-Access” 3x in your life, would you choose it for people in the past or for a future use? (They don’t have to be people you know.)

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The countdown to the reveal date of COILED VENGEANCE continues!

For this week’s Theoretical Thursday, I’m going to tap into TWO characters from the book: Lilfor and Hunsmat.

These two characters are mind-linked, which means since they were young children, they could see each other’s memories. (Not read their thoughts or emotions, that is different.)

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you had to choose one person from your childhood (10 years or younger) to be mind-linked to (they also had to be 10 years or younger) that is NOT a relative, who would you choose?


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As many of you know, I’m gearing up for the release of my newest Eomix Galaxy Book, COILED VENGEANCE. (coming out this fall).

In honor of that, I’m going to do a Theoretical Thursday countdown of things related to the book until I announce the official release date!!

I’ve already done a couple Theoretical Thursday posts, one about the villain (and her color-changing eyes dependent on her mood) and a side character (and his unlikely job in politics) so I’ll skip to other characters.

Today’s Theoretical Thursday will revolve around the main character, Ness Opute.

Opute is a smuggler, and a very good one at that. His wife was murdered 10 years earlier and he spent many years trying to track down her killer.

He failed.

But recently, the same person murdered a close friend of his and he’s decided to take the pursuit back up. This time, he will change who he is to infiltrate her organization and hunt her from the inside.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

What thing in the past did you pursue and fail that you wish you could pursue again? (If time, age, ailments, etc. weren’t a factor.)


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