Updated 06/01/17

On this page you’ll find reviews for my science fantasy novels, the Eomix Galaxy Books, my YA fantasy books, Land of Iyah series, and my detective novels.




 Eomix Galaxy Books: Illusion (Book 1 of 2) is available now from Buzz & Roar Publishing.

Available HERE in paperback from the publisher’s website.

Available HERE in paperback or KINDLE on Amazon.

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…The most interesting and wonderful piece of this book is the flow. As mentioned, the story starts off pretty quickly, but once Daith enters the ship’s environment, there is a halt and then another slow build-up. The last half of the book felt like whirlwind, but in a wonderful refreshing and exhilarating way. As the pieces of the plot unfold, you are tossed around at guessing who is the true evil...” —Kelly Starsmore, Twin Cities Geek Magazine. Check out the full review on Twin Cities Geek HERE.

One strength is the depth of the abilities you’ve created for Daith. Everything in your book is SO well thought out … I can just feel the anticipation! … I’m really sucked in! —From Jessica Therrien, Barnes & Noble best-selling author of the YA Fantasy series Children of the Gods

“When I read science fiction, I need to be sucked right in or I grow bored. Illusion hooked my attention right off the bat in the first few pages. I have a strong draw to characters with an important destiny unbeknownst to them […]. I recommend this book to my readers.” —From Lorena Angell, bestselling author of the Unaltered Series

“As as sit here writing this, is occurs to me that Illusion is one of the better books I’ve reviewed. I read until I could no longer stay awake, and finished it as soon as I could. […]Christa succeeded in creating an interesting story, one that I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to read. It’s definitely one of my new favorites!” –Reviewer Joe Hinojosa. Full review HERE.

“I love all the conflict and the big reveal. … Energy fingerprints—this is really interesting. You have such a great imagination!”—  From Holly Kammier, author of Kingston Court

“My mother had recently gone through surgery and it has been a difficult recovery. The one saving grace in all of this is Christa’s book! I made myself only read a chapter a day so I could look forward to something before sleep. I LOVE THIS BOOK!”–Glenda Rhoner, artist

“Illusion is an intense walk through manipulation. Elements of selfishness and revenge are balanced in Machiavellian justification. The ethical dilemmas live with the characters as compassion blurs to presumption, right turns to wrong […]  As I read Illusion consequential themes snuck up on me and granted a deeper appreciation for this epic novel.” —From Benjamin R. More, author of Entangled Souls, featured in the anthology Dark Moon Presents: Ghosts


Eomix Galaxy Books: Identity (Book 2 of 2)

Available from Buzz & Roar Publishing HERE

Available from AMAZON (ebook and paperback) HERE

 “A twisty space yarn with lovable antiheroes, awesome aliens, and a kick-ass heroine who finally comes into her own. IDENTITY is even better than ILLUSION!”Kat Ross, bestselling author of the Fourth Element Series

“IDENTITY is a fantastic sequel to ILLUSION and a great end to a page-turning space opera. Think Star Wars meets Firefly.”–Jessica Therrien, B&N Bestselling author of the Children of the Gods series