UPDATED 12/01/17

Funny how the genre I feel most at home in takes me far away from reality, often times away from Earth.  Science fiction/fantasy allows anything to happen so as a writer, I can do anything with it.

My first two novels, Eomix Galaxy Books: Illusion and Identity, are now available. (And I’m happy to say both hit the Amazon Bestseller list!) The next book in the collection is Coiled Vengeance, due out in 2018, followed by Rules of Assignment. I’m also working on a YA fantasy book series called The Land of Iyah, first novel: The Jade Castle.

Stay tuned for updates!

–Christa Yelich-Koth–



 ILLUSION (Book 1 of 2) [Science Fiction Fantasy]

Winner of the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award in Science Fiction



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Daith’s father is dead. His death caused a rip in the galaxy’s peace. The remains of his army are fighting to restore it.

 But Daith knows nothing of this. Her memories have been stolen. She has been kidnapped. All she knows is that she has unparalleled abilities that could help end the devastation. Except without her past, how can she know if she’s on the right side?

Time is running out and Daith must choose: to search for who she was or use her gifts to restore order.

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IDENTITY cover amazon-best-seller

IDENTITY  (Book 2 of 2) (Sequel to ILLUSION) [Science Fiction Fantasy]


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Order HERE for Paperback or ebook on Amazon!


Daith Tocc has discovered some incredible things about herself while aboard the spaceship, the Horizon: she is smart, charming, and has psionic powers that allow her to sense emotions, melt physical objects, even heal or injure with a thought. The problem is, she doesn’t have any memory of who she used to be.

Regardless, Daith made a choice between leaving the ship to learn who she is or staying aboard to help the crew’s mission. But someone from her past knows the truth about her, and if he finds her, that truth could shatter her decision–and leave everyone vulnerable to her powers.


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COILED VENGEANCE [Science Fiction Thriller] (slated for release in 2018)

Ness Opute will not fail again. The woman who murdered his wife, who has eluded him for many years, has killed again.

To bring her to his own personal justice, Opute must give up his identity as a notorious smuggler and work his way up the ranks of her empire. If he can climb to her inner circle, he will claim victory over her lifeless body.

But Opute isn’t the only one on the hunt.


RULES OF ASSIGNMENT [Young Adult Science Fiction]

Sree Kaano doesn’t want to be an assassin. Except that his species, the Re’Ris, were genetically designed to be just that. Even worse, his family members are famous for it.

The Makers on his world determine who is important and who must become a target. If you aren’t one, then you are the other.

On a world where prestige and power depends on how many assassinations you fulfill, how can Sree stand up against society and not be targeted himself?


Other books:

The Land Of Iyah– Book 1: THE JADE CASTLE [Young Adult Fantasy]

Bekk cannot seem to stay awake. As a sophomore in high school, it doesn’t bode well for his education, or the social services agent breathing down his older brother—and guardian’s—neck.

But Bekk can’t help it. He’s being plagued by dreams—dreams from his childhood, about a land called Iyah.

If he doesn’t snap out of it soon, he’ll be taken away from the only family he has left. But when the school psychologist insists it’s a childhood reaction to the trauma of his parent’s death, Bekk’s only recourse is to figure out the meaning of his dreams, before it’s too late.