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As final edits for Coiled Vengeance continue (getting so close!!), so does the Theoretical Thursday posts based on characters in the upcoming scifi thriller.

So this week’s Theoretical Thursday is based on the character Zarsa.

Zarsa changed her career from being a smuggler to someone who helps others completely change their appearance (like an overactive plastic surgeon lol!)

So if you HAD to quit whatever your career/job/passion is right now, whether you love or hate it is regardless, and start something else immediately, what would it be?


Theoretical Thursday!! #moods

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While working through edits for my newest novel, COILED VENGEANCE, I started thinking about one of the antagonist’s traits: her eyes change color based on her mood.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this: If you could instantly give this trait to everyone in the world, including yourself, would you do it?

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