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As final edits for Coiled Vengeance continue (getting so close!!), so does the Theoretical Thursday posts based on characters in the upcoming scifi thriller.

So this week’s Theoretical Thursday is based on the character Zarsa.

Zarsa changed her career from being a smuggler to someone who helps others completely change their appearance (like an overactive plastic surgeon lol!)

So if you HAD to quit whatever your career/job/passion is right now, whether you love or hate it is regardless, and start something else immediately, what would it be?


Hello everyone!

I’m very pleased to be a part of Holly Kammier’s blog tour for her newly released novel, Kingston Court. I had the pleasure of being involved in the editing process of this book and got to read it before everyone else. Here is my Goodreads review about it: “Although not what I usually read, I was impressed by Kammier’s ability to weave two distinctive women’s lives in such a creative way. Filled with drama and heart, Kingston Court will delight readers who enjoy shows like Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives.”


Kingston Court is available now. Pick up a print or ebook (Kindle) copy HERE!

Now on to the interview!


Christa: Here’s one that’s never been asked: What’s your new book, Kingston Court, about?

Holly:  Nice! Easy warm up question. Kingston Court includes lots of crazy gossip and drama. However, at its core, it’s about women regaining their strength and independence. It adheres to the theme of my mother’s all-time favorite movie when I was growing up, The Wizard Of Oz. Dorothy had the power all along. Sometimes as women we give so much to the people we love, we lose our footing. This story is a super fun reminder that we are a sisterhood, and we truly do have the power to conquer our world and make our dreams come true.


Christa: Who is your favorite character from Kingston Court, and why?

Holly: Cameron. Despite all his lies and his big betrayal, he truly loves his wife and respects her. He is also loosely based on a friend of mine who I used to love hanging out with.


Christa: You used to be a Television Reporter… how’d you make the switch to writing?

Holly: There really wasn’t much of a switch, whether it was for the news or for a novel, I have been telling stories since the very beginning of my career. I just get a whole lot more time in a book.


Christa: While both lovely and kind, which of course makes you a social bombshell, you also take care of some amazing kids–any advice for those who have busy lives/families but want to find the time to write?

Holly: Why thank you! What a nice complement. My advice is to just do it. There were times I pulled over to the side of the road on the way to soccer practice because I had to write something down while it was fresh in my mind. I wrote a full chapter of Kingston Court while waiting for my turn at a parent/teacher conference. Put down your cell phone, ignore your children for a moment as long as they are safe, and make time for what you love. I also highly recommend writing for at least an hour at night or early morning when the kiddos are tucked away in bed.


Christa: As writers, I think we all have other writers who inspire us. But are there any non-writers who inspired your work? Not necessarily support or  encouragement, but actual inspiration for your writing?

Holly: Absolutely. My friends and family inspire me. I write what I know and I am fortunate to be surrounded by quirky, interesting people. Not a day goes by where I don’t experience something I would like to write about.


Christa: If you met yourself 20 years ago, would you have been surprised at all you’ve accomplished?

Holly: I think the 20-year-old me would have had to have walked the past twenty years in my shoes to appreciate where I landed. Aside from writing the next great novel, I had different goals back then, ones that may or may not have actually made me happy. Giving up my career as a journalist, staying home to raise children, and G-d forbid, moving to the BURBS, all would have felt like selling-out to my younger self. I didn’t realize there are more than one or two paths to a desired destination.


Christa: And finally, for all the budding writers out there, what 3 pieces of advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Holly: Write. Write. Write. Do that and the rest will work itself out.


Many thanks to Holly for taking the time for this interview. Check out Kingston Court today!


TODAY!!! My novel, Eomix Galaxy Books: ILLUSION is available for sale!!

I can’t believe it. It’s today. Holy AWESOMENESS!!

Thank you to SOOOOO many people for all your help, encouragement and support. I couldn’t have done this without all of you. You’ve helped by reading, buying, sharing posts, reviewing on Goodreads and Amazon, and recommending the book to others. THANK YOU!!

I’ll be at Moon Palace Books today from 5p-6p for the launch. FREE snacks and a reading (starts at 5:15) from ILLUSION. I hope you can make it!!

If you can’t… never fear!! You can order the book below:

Print copies can be ordered HERE from Buzz & Roar Publishing

Print copies can be ordered HERE from Amazon

Ebook for Kindle (Amazon) can be ordered HERE

Thanks again everyone! Now I’m off to CELEBRATE!!!

“The most interesting and wonderful piece of this book is the flow. As mentioned, the story starts off pretty quickly, but once Daith enters the ship’s environment, there is a halt and then another slow build-up. The last half of the book felt like whirlwind, but in a wonderful refreshing and exhilarating way. As the pieces of the plot unfold, you are tossed around at guessing who is the true evil.” –Twin Cities Geek Magazine


Daith’s father is dead. His death caused a rip in the galaxy’s peace. The remains of his army are fighting to restore it.

But Daith knows nothing of this. Her memories have been stolen. She has been kidnapped. All she knows is that she has unparalleled abilities that could help end the devastation. Except without her past, how can she know if she’s on the right side?

Time is running out and Daith must choose: to search for who she was or use her gifts to restore order.



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