Who would play…? #jamiedornan

It’s Round 3 of “Who would play…?” where I answer who I would choose to play a character from my books if I had casting choice.

I started with ILLUSION. In rounds one and two I chose Kristen Kreuk as my main character, Daith Tocc and for the antagonist, Commander Trey Xiven, I chose David Tennant.

In Round 3, I’m choosing someone to play Doctor Dru Xiven, a psychologist specializing in memory loss. He is the younger brother of Trey, is a thinker, is cautious, and trying desperately to walk the thin line between right and moral.


Image result for jamie dornan

I chose Jamie based on his performance in Once Upon A Time. (as I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey) I believe he could play the part well.

What do YOU think? Who do YOU picture as Dru?

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  1. mom

    don’t know him, and i think he has too much of the same look in his eyes as who you picked for trey. i believe dru would have a gentler look about him, which is why i suggested elyes from the ‘scorpion’ series. sorry, i don’t agree w/ this one. but, i’ve never seen him in anything. i’m just going from this pic of him.

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