I’m leading a comic book workshop! Eeeeeee!


I just found out and it’s official. I will be leading a workshop at a writing conference in San Diego! Called “From Storyboards to Stores: A writer’s guide to comic books”, it will be an in-depth look the world of comics and self-publishing, from a writer’s perspective. Aimed towards anyone who has always wanted to write a comic, has a short story that they think would make an excellent graphic novel, or like the idea of children’s books as comics instead, this will lead you through some of the basics from start to finish.

Check it out here! http://writersconference.com/sd/staff/christa-yelich-koth/

Any comments about what YOU would want to see would be helpful, so please let me know your thoughts!


PS-Coming soon! The first glimpse at character pencils from the next issue of Hollow’s Prism: “Reunion”!


  1. mom

    hey, christa, congrats! so very cool, both for you and for your audience. and, quite an accomplishment as well.

    two things i’ve always found helpful when i’ve either attended workshops, or led them, come both at the beginning and the end of the workshop. maybe you already have this is mind, i don’t know. the first thing i’ve found helpful is to have a handout of some kind, with a list in order of the topics you plan to cover. and room for notes. as a participant, i always appreciated the organization. it helped me not to get lost during the presentation, i was able to underline subjects pertinent to my situation, and had room to add ideas/thoughts/facts from the presenter that i hadn’t known before.
    the second thing that especially helped me as a presenter, but also helped me to focus as a participant, is a page of questions about the presentation for my own use as feedback. this was invaluable to me as a presenter. not only did i get ‘props’ (did i use that right?!!) for what i said/did that was helpful to participants, i also learned where i could strengthen my presentation, and how.

    3 other thoughts — examples of your work, and a stack of business cards, as well as a sign-up sheet to further your fanbase.

    as far as your actual presentation, i’m sure you’ll kill it.

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