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Hey everyone! The blog tour for my upcoming novel, Eomix Galaxy Books: ILLUSION starts this Friday, May 1st!

I have some amazing bloggers joining me– several best-sellers, novel and comic book writers, and up-to-speed reviewers. (I will be posting on each of these individual days with links to everyone sites and a bit more about the bloggers, including where to find their works and how to follow them. So don’t worry about memorizing this schedule!)

Here’s the line up!

Friday, May 1st: Reggie Hansome. I will be guest blogging on Reggie’s site about the following topic:

“Nobody I know seems to care about my writing… why not?” –thoughts on how family and friends respond to your work, dealing with rejection of a professional product vs. taking it personally, tips on how to find your REAL target audience

Reggie is the author of the Saints comic book series (with illustrator James Lynch).


Sunday, May 3rd: Spikes Books. I will be interviewed by Spikes Books about not only a sneak peek into my mind about ILLUSION, but looks at my graphic novel and comic book works in the Hollow/Hollow’s Prism series as well.

Spikes Books is a blog to help young, aspiring readers find amazing books to read.


Monday, May 4th: Alesha Escobar. I will be guest blogging on Alesha’s site about exploring my favorite characters from ILLUSION, how I was inspired to write them, and what trends I see in the future for the fantasy and SF genres.

Alesha hosts a blog called Fantasy, Mash-Ups, & Mayhem and is the author of the Gray Tower Trilogy.


Tuesday, May 5th: Rina Maria. I will be blogging about my own writing journey, the hoops I’ve gone through, and tips about what might be best for you as a writer.

Rina is the author of blog Read Me and writes her mystery/thrilleresque novels under the name Christina Ow.


Friday, May 8th: Oz Monroe. I will be guest blogging for Oz in his special “Throw me under the bus” blog. This means people choose the topic they want me to blog about! It could be anything! I’ll link you to the FB post that day so you can add in your choice.

Oz Monroe is an outspoken advocate for humanism and critical thinking and the author of upcoming novel, The Soil-Man.


Saturday, May 9th: Benjamin R. More. I will be guest blogging on Benjamin’s site about the following topic:

“When is your manuscript ready to send out?” –thoughts on when “enough is enough”, how to know when/how to ask people to read your story, when to take the plunge into publishing.

Benjamin is the author of Entangled Souls, published in the anthology Dark Moon Presents: Ghosts.


Monday, May 11th: Lorena Angell. I will be guest posting on her site; topic TBA.

Lorena is the author of the YA Unaltered Series.


Tuesday, May 12th: Tonya R. Moore. I will guest posting about the following topic:

“The Allure of Space Opera” –thoughts on why the SF subgenre is so popular, the taboo of calling your books space opera, and a sneak peek into why ILLUSION fits into that category

Tonya hosts the blog Spec-Fic Genre Love and is the author of several books, including Dorian’s Task and Slumfairy.



Friday, May 15th: Jessica Therrien. I will be chatting about my biggest TV, movie, and book influences and how these stories helped shape my novel.

Jessica Therrien is the author of the YA series, Children of the Gods.


And don’t forget! ILLUSION is available HERE for pre-sale. Pre-orders also get an EXCLUSIVE pdf of the spaceship, the Horizon, featured in the book.



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